TUPAI, as it is known today is the result of the willingness and entrepreneurship of Joaquim Cruz, based on the determination of his sons (present board of directors in achieve the quality and excellence in processes and products. The well-known author design and customization, the direct customer service, the quality of the products, the production reaction capacity (We control all the productive process from the design, raw material to the final product), and the investment in new technologies along with a wide range of international partners are attributes/elements that make TUPAI a solid, reliable and sustainable company in the industrial sector. We are in the national market of industrial fittings and metalworking for more than 40 years. We are also proud for being a company that looks of the future, but which is also concerned with the nowadays environmental and social responsibility. The relationship with our agents, partners and customers depends on our dedication and daily work. We are a team that continues to develop and we believe that the best is get to come!


By investing heavily in the design of the original authors, the Tupai leads the way for exclusive designs and supplies a wide range of metal accessories and hardware quality and design recognized. Their advanced technological features, the result of continuous investments in manufacturing process, allow the production of high quality and numerous tests to permanently control during the different stages of manufacture, are assured that quality.


The quality certification by the NP EN ISO 9001:2008 is a reference care having regard to the requirements of customers and environmental licensing NP EN ISO 14001:2004, having been the first Portuguese company in this sector to get it confers Tupai to a high sense of responsibility towards the environment.


Specializes in the production and finishing of metal products (brass, zamak and steel), notes the strong growth of industrial capacity and diversity of production processes. Ability to control the entire production process, from the raw material to the final product. The cold forging and stamping, injection, machining, vibration, sanding, polishing and Plating are the confidence with which the Tupai is presented to the market.



The Integrated Management system is implemented in the design, production and commercialization of fittings and accessories for civil construction, architecture and products and services for the industry, according to the requirements of the standards NP EN ISO 9001 and NP EN ISO14001.

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